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white rings

White ring is a ring with a pure gemstone. White gold rings crafted with diamond surround. It has a glittering square cut. Feel like princes with this sparkling 3/5 carat ring. Rings are available in I to S sizes. It can be worn as best ornamental jewelry piece around your finger.

White ring is graded by color as today’s white gold is not white enough. White ring is a jewelry that is rarely made from 20Kt pure gold as it is rather expensive or soft. But white ring like W.R cobb’s are reputed gold that is white as your granny’s white gold.

White ring is whitish metal so much like silver and is not purely made up of gold. It is actually made with a mixture of other metals and gold. When you look at it for the first time, it looks more like a silver ring, but some of its characteristics set it apart.

White ring is extremely gentle on your skin. It is best for sensitive skin people. White rings do not cause you irritation and also no greenish marks which can result from silver jewelry. White gold rings are not completely pure metal as it is an alloy. Its white shade ring is considered as the cool shade.

white rings

White gold has almost 50% of gold, and it is much softer than other metal piece of jewelry White rings needs cleaning time to time as it retains losing shine and sparkle property. White gold rings are available in different impurities. White rings tend to be more valuable than other metal rings.

White gold is a precious metal which is weighty and dense. It is 100% pure because it does not contain any impurities. Simple white ring looks pretty but if small diamond is attached then it looks very beautiful. It does not change their color, rust over the years. It is heavier as compared to gold.

White ring is strong as compared to gold. It is malleable due to this reason it is easy to mold in any shape and designs. It does not contain mixture of other metals. It is a more brittle and hard metal. It is coated with white metal which is known as Rhodium. It is used to make the white ring brighter.

White gold is a white metal which is similar to silver. The whiter shade of white ring is classified by its color. It does not contain grayish tone just like silver. It is has lots of shining and brightness. It is very moderate on the skin. It is very useful for those people who have sensitive skin.

White ring is valuable metal because it does not oxidize in moisture or air. Due to which it always sparkle and shine without cleaning regularly. You need not to clean white ring regularly as compared to silver. It is very soft as compared to other metals such as silver and platinum.

Traditionally white ring contains nickel which is caused of skin problem and irritation. But these days it contains rhodium which is good for skin. Some people have various problems after wearing other metals such as gold, silver and others. But it does not give bad effect on a skin.

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