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synthetic diamond rings

It’s not a secret that mined diamonds may come from war-torn areas, particularly in diamond-rich districts of Africa. That is why many human rights activities encourage people to avoid wearing natural diamond stones, especially in engagement rings. Synthetic diamonds would be the ideal choice for anyone wanting a beautiful, environmentally friendly, ethical, pure, and more perfect diamond.

First man-made diamond was created by General Electric in 1955. Lab grown diamonds (also termed as synthetic and simulated diamonds) is a great alternative to mined gemstones. Despite the fact that they are more affordable than natural ones, synthetic jewelry stones are as beautiful as ‘real’ gems.

Characteristic of synthetic diamonds

Lab grown crystals have almost the same physical, optical and chemical properties as mined ones. They are completely similar to natural diamonds in hardness, durability, shine, appearance, dispersion factor and refractive index. Both of them have the same gorgeous fire, brilliance and sparkle, and both are polished and cut with the use of the same technology.

Some synthetic diamonds can be even harder (more resistance to scratching) than natural gemstones. A few differences can be found only in special testing labs with the use of sophisticated scientific instrumentation.

Benefits of synthetic diamonds

synthetic diamond rings

Simulated gemstones cost significantly less than ‘real’ ones, so it can be more opportunities with larger carat weights and ranges of cuts. These diamonds are widely used in many kinds of jewelry like engagement rings, earrings, pendants, etc. Almost all world-known jewelry brands offer their customers fantastic options with synesthetic gems. For example, you can learn more about engagement rings (Australia), or you may want to order breathtaking Tanishq rings. Synthetic gems look especially amazing with such precious metals as silver, gold or platinum.

Just like the real diamonds, lab created ones can be colored, colorless or almost colorless. Synthetic chocolate diamonds rings and canary diamond rings look particularly elegant and non-traditional. Apart from them, white, red, blue, orange, pink and green jewelry stones are also at the peak of popularity today. They are usually offered in sizes ranging 0.25 – 1.65 carats. This opens up great opportunities to buyers who want to have a collection of diamonds without spending too much money.

With all the advantages of synthetic gems, the choice is clear. Lab grown diamonds are more affordable and environmentally friendly than mined gemstones. Moreover, they are physically, chemically, and optically identical to natural ones. By purchasing a jewelry stone from a synthetic gem dealer, make sure to receive a document verifying that the gemstone has been created in a special lab.

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