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peridot engagement rings

If you are on a budget, breathtaking peridot engagement rings would be an excellent solution for you! Despite the fact that peridot rings are cheaper than diamond and pearl ones, they look very beautiful, stylish and elegant.

Peridot is a popular gem which has been known for centuries. This gorgeous gemstone is widely used in different kinds of jewelry, including wedding and engagement rings. Peridot can be found throughout the globe, including the U.S., Brazil, Burma, Australia, China, Myanmar, Norway, Kenya, Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania and Sri Lanka.

A magic gemstone

Many couples prefer purchasing peridot engagement rings because of their ability to bring happiness and balance to people’s lives. It is believed that peridot has magical and healing properties. This amazing gemstone protects from negative emotions and helps to bring a wearer peace, success and good luck.

It is supposed that this gemstone helps in keeping people more healthy. It can heal various disorders, whether physical or emotional. It would be helpful in case of obesity, diabetes, constipation, influenza and other diseases.

Peridot can protect people from nervousness, anxiety, negative emotions of anger, depression and other kinds of emotional upset due to its calming influences. It is also believed that peridot can keep nightmares at bay and helps nice dreams to come true.

This unique gem is also used in creating family birthstone rings for those people who was born in August.

The characteristics of peridot

peridot engagement rings

Peridot is difficult to break and chip due to its excellent hardness & durability rating. Thus, your peridot engagement rings will always stay looking as beautiful as the day you purchased them.

Properties of peridot:

  • Durability – very good;
  • Refractive index – 1.654-1.690;
  • Hardness of the stone – 6.5-7.0;
  • Specific gravity – 3.34.

The ideal color is probably rich green-grass, though you may like greenish yellow, yellowish green or brown options. You can also consider buying canary diamond rings with amazing yellowish gems. In case you prefer brown items, you may want to purchase chocolate diamonds rings.

If you want your peridot wedding or engagement rings last a lifetime, you should stick with metals including silver, rose gold, yellow gold, palladium or platinum without rhodium plating. It is best to choose natural unenhanced peridot gemstones. You’d better avoid buying white gold peridot rings, so as this gem is sensitive to sulfuric compounds.

When buying peidot jewelry, be sure that the gems come with certifications from AGS, GIA, EGL, IGI or other reputable laboratories.

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