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mokume gane rings

Mokume Gane rings are a popular option for many people. They can be used as beautiful engagement rings, wedding rings, and even promise rings for men. There are just so many different designs and styles. While there are different ways to use them, you need to make sure the exact style matches that exact need. Here are some important considerations to make.

Mokume Gane Engagement Ring Styles

There are different styles available, which work perfectly for engagement rings. Before picking up something, think about your bride to be. Is this a style that she will enjoy? Is it a gemstone that is her favorite? You could opt for a twist on a traditional gemstone, with other colors and styling available.

There are some very unique ways to make these rings stand out and personal. Instead of one jewel, there are options with a diamond surrounded by various gems. You could also opt for an engraving to leave a personal message. If engravings are something you want to consider, here are some brilliant ideas that she will love.

Mokume Gane Rings: Joint Promise Rings

mokume gane rings

Another idea is to opt for joint promise rings. These are great for those who aren’t quite ready to get married, or don’t even want to for whatever reason. Promise rings are a great symbol that you will always be there for each other, and it is worth getting them matching to show that bond between you.

When you do choose joint promise rings, you will need to think about joint likes. One person may love one particular stone, but the other hates it. There is the option of doing a Yin-Yang style, where you have the same stones but in the alternate setting to each other.

Here are some wonderful joint promise rings available.

Mokume Gane Wedding Rings: Things to Consider

Mokume Gane has a range of wedding bands and sets available. They are suitable for men and women, and come in different styles and preferences. For brides, there are even full sets of wedding and engagement rings. These are a great option since they will complement each other, while sitting flush next to each other on the finger. You can also get eternity rings that suit the whole set.

Keep your budget in mind when buying these wedding rings. While they are beautiful and offer a great value for money, they are not perfect for all financial situations. This is especially if you choose a wedding band set. Before you browse, have a budget set so you can limit the amount of options that appear on your screen.

Mokume Gane rings are beautiful, and come in many different styles. When it comes to looking for these different options, take the time to think about your partner’s preferences. It is also worth thinking about the type of ring you are buying, and whether you could opt for a joint couple choice. This will make the gift more special.

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