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jeff cooper rings

Jeff Copper Designs was founded in 1976 and now is known for maintaining a classic, still stunning look no other items have. Jeff Cooper rings are elegant and clean, very simple and unique. Every single piece is 100% handmade, meaning that there is no other ring that looks alike. This is the main reason why so many people, who used to give preference to overstock engagement rings, engagement rings Australia or any other samples, now choose only Jeff Copper Designs.

Unique Features

The owners (Jeff himself and his son David) believe that owning a ring is far more than just a material possession. For many people such things become really symbolic, with an essential meaning. Many young couples are united with their help, and as every union is exceptional, so is each of the rings produced. Creating each ring, Jeff and David have total control over its quality. Besides, they are always ready to make an item to suit the client’s needs and desires.

They finish each item by running a silk ribbon between the spaces in order to remove spurs and shavings that are left behind the setting and polishing stages. One of the characteristic features of Jeff Cooper rings is the fact that founders are always ready to go beyond and above the clients’ needs. This is why all the rings are of exceptional quality you can trust in.

jeff cooper rings

Ring Styles

At every turn the rings are perfect, this is why they are far from being cheap. However, who would like to have a cheap wedding ring? If you are looking for superb value and high quality, this is the very brand you should give preference to.

What does Jeff Copper Designs brand offer today? As well as in case with Jareds engagement rings, there are many pieces to choose from, without worrying that they are just copies from multiple production factories. You can pick either classic styles in platinum or 18K gold, which are now the trademark of engagement and wedding rings.

There is also Jeff Cooper platinum Heirloom collection that combines the influences of the past with the styles of today, ensuring the elegance and beauty of each item – everything every bride wants. In fact, today this is one of the most popular collections not only in this country, but also far beyond its borders.

Lattice collection is another popular offer that is greatly loved and appreciated for the flowing lines and eternal style. If you would like to have a unique setting for an engagement stone, then you should better pay attention to Octoprong collection. In any case, you’ll aways find a ring that is the best for your bride.

Jeff Cooper is more than sure that each ring has its own story that begins from the moment of engagement. As the story is each time unique, the ring should meet this standard. And Jeff Cooper rings meet it.

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