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white sapphire rings

Are you looking for a luxury long-lasting gift for an elegant lady? Pay attention to breathtaking white sapphires, which are considered to be the most valuable gemstones after diamonds. White sapphire rings are full of beauty, versatility and durability. These stunning gems look a lot like diamonds and are often used together with them.

Like diamonds, white sapphires can be polished and cut to be extremely shiny and brilliant. They both refract light in a dynamic and bright way. Sapphires are very hard and almost as durable as diamonds. That is why, white sapphires are often used as an alternative to diamonds.

The variety of sapphires

Apart from white color, which is often used in engagement rings NZ, sapphires come in blue, yellow, orange, brown purple and pink. In most cases these gems come out of mines as light brown or grey. They are chemically or heat treated in order to obtain the clear color. Many larger gems have a slight green or slight blue tint. Very rare gems are found to be in a perfect clear state.

Sapphires are typically more affordable than diamonds, however large natural white pieces can be more expensive, so as they are not easy to find.

The price of gems depends on their size, transparency, color and the place where the stones come from. The most priceless are Kashmir, Burmese and Ceylon sapphires. These stones can be also found in such countries as Australia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand and Tanzania. If you cannot afford a natural gemstone, you may want to consider purchasing synthetic diamond rings [synthetic diamond rings] which are as beautiful as ‘real’ diamonds or sapphires.

White sapphire rings are available in various shapes. Your choice of the best ring should be determined by your personality and the shape of your fingers. You might be also interested in men’s sapphire rings men’s sapphire rings, which are also available in various designs.

Mystical properties of white sapphires

White sapphires are known for their healing and spiritual properties. They help in activating and cleaning the energy centers of the body. These gems also help in mental, physical and spiritual purification.

The wonderful vitality of fantastic gemstone removes the negativity and instead fills the body with peace, love and joy. It also helps to cleanse and soothe our emotions. White sapphires correspond to Venus, which is known as a planet of love, arts, married life and beauty. Just like Jupiter, Venus bequeaths money, fortune and comforts.

So, if you want to attract prosperity, fulfillment of your desire and financial abundance, then this gorgeous gemstone would be the right one for you!

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