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canary diamond rings

Are you looking for something special and precious? Nothing could be more luxury and romantic than canary diamonds! Breathtaking canary diamond jewelry is the best choice for ladies who love to be the center of attention and possess unique beauty.

Gorgeous canary diamond rings

These stunning yellow gemstones can be used in everything from engagement rings to cocktail jewels. You will be definitely delighted by the contrasting yellow and clear shades and brilliance of canary rings!

Canary diamonds associated with the sun and hence symbolize brightness, cheerfulness, joy and prosperity.

Color shades for canary diamonds:

  • Fancy Vivid Yellow;
  • Fancy Light Yellow;
  • Fancy Yellow;
  • Light Yellow;
  • Fancy Intense Yellow.

canary diamond rings

Rarely canary diamonds can be orange, red, green or dark brown. In these cases they slightly resemble chocolate diamonds rings and even peridot engagement rings.

Canary diamond rings are also associated with celebrities and Hollywood names like Dennis Quaid, Paris Hilton, Johnny Damon, Heidi Klum and others.

Without any doubt, these sophisticated yellow pieces will attract the attention of everyone around you!

How to choose the right canary diamond ring?

Canary diamonds are popular for their unusual characteristics and colors which distinguishes them from other stones. Yellow gems look fantastic, especially with platinum and white gold bands. It’s advised to avoid yellow gold for extremely vivid canary diamonds. However, less vivid shades of stones look perfect with a yellow gold setting.

A gem with a shade similar to the person’s eyes will definitely do wonders! If your skin is dark, it’s advised to avoid paler stones. If you have a pale skin, you’d better avoid red shades. Try to find an item that matches your outfit well.

When buying canary diamond jewelry, you should do careful research. Before purchasing an item make sure to check the 4 Cs (color, cut, carat, and clarity) of the diamond in order to avoid spending your money on synthetic diamond rings instead of high quality canary jewelry. In fact, it’s rather difficult to determine whether the yellow diamond is naturally occurring or CVD-manufactured. If you decide to purchase a canary diamond item, it would be safer to bring an expert to check the purity and validity of the gemstone.

Due to raising demand and extreme rarity, good grade canary diamonds tend to be the most expensive gems on the market, easily surpassing the cost of white diamonds. That is why, canary jewels are probably one of the best gemstones to invest in. So, if you are considering buying a canary ring, despite its high cost, it will be never a better time to purchase than now!

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