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stackable birthstone rings

Are you looking for the best way to show your love and devotion to your parents, children or loved ones? Stackable birthstone rings would be the best solution for you!

Birthstone jewels come with certain gemstones that are associated with a birth month or zodiac sign. It is believed that birthstone rings have magic powers for those who wear them.

What stackable gemstone ring is right for you?

In general, stackable birthstone rings come in two popular styles:

  1. A band with many gemstones inset into it;
  2. A single more prominent gemstone placed against another similar styled ring.

stackable birthstone rings

Stackable birthstone rings for mothers allow you to match and mix the birthstones. For example, if your child was born in July and another in February, you can purchase 2 stackable rings with a Ruby on one and an Amethyst on the other. Surely, if you have further kids, you simply add the proper items to the ‘stack’.

Apart from that, you may also want to commemorate other essential events, such as anniversary, wedding, birthday of your partner or any other notable occasion in your life. Moreover, certain gemstones can be associated with mythical properties, planets, gods, etc. It was common in medieval ages to wear the particular stone during a relevant month to increase the goodwill of the ruling planet over a certain period of time.

No matter if you have faith in the magic power of family birthstone rings or not, you will definitely love your amazing stackable band!

The variety of stackable birthstone rings

There is a great choice of birthstone stackable jewels on the market today. They are available in various shapes and designs from cheap sterling silver items to luxury gold, white gold, palladium and titanium ones.

Both yellow and white gold birthstone rings look very elegant and stylish. What most people like about gold is its timeless appearance and durability. Titanium jewels have also become very popular today because of its hypo-allergenic properties. So, if you are sensitive to nickel, which many pieces of jewelry have in some degree, titanium rings would be the perfect solution for you.

Slim rings with stones all around (especially with cubic zirconia or manufactured gems) are usually cheaper. Keep in mind that synthetic diamond rings are treated to look like natural ones, so you should read the descriptions carefully in order to avoid confusion.

You may want to engrave the names of your loved ones on the ring to make it more personalized and unique.

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