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promise rings for her

If you visit any jewelry store, you would be stunned with the selection of beautiful rings. There are many shapes and designs you can choose from – square, round, pear-shaped, or even hearts. You can find contemporary, antique, rustic and many other unique designs of rings. A variety of options makes it difficult to choose the best promise ring for her. So, how can you make the promise ring look more personalized?

Couples promise rings are mostly used as a pre-engagement symbol of love and commitment. To create them more unique, you may want to have a short message engraved on the internal or external surface.

promise rings for her

Promise rings for her would be more personalized and heartfelt with such engravings as:

  1. Quotes by famous people, literature quotes. You can get well-known quotes on love, relationship and commitment by famous personalities and celebrities engraved on the ring. This can give a touch of wit, humor, eloquence or some dramatic appeal.
  2. Latin Proverbs/Sayings
    • Love conquers all / Amor Vincit Omnia;
    • Love always / Semper Amemus;
    • Always faithful / Semper Fidelis;
    • Love forever / Amor aeternus .
  3. Traditional
    • Names or nicknames, your initials;
    • Significant date that is important for your couple;
    • Names or initials plus significant date.
  4. Short, Simple, Sincere
    • I Love You;
    • I Promise;
    • Forever;
    • Beloved;
    • The infinity symbol ∞.
  5. Humorous Engravings
    • Non-refundable;
    • A deal’s a deal;
    • Property of M.J.;
    • Put it back on!
    • I call dibs;
    • Worth the wait.
  6. Romantic
    • Truly, Madly, Deeply;
    • From this moment on;
    • Love, honor and cherish;
    • You are my heart;
    • My heart is yours (French: Mon cœur est a vous);
    • You are my home;
    • You are so beautiful;
    • You are my life;
    • Yours forever.
  7. Original ideas

You may want to get a charming symbol or graphic engraved on the ring. This will make your partner think of you and smile every time she/he looks at it! You can also compose a haiku or a short verse yourself and get it engraved on the promise ring.

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