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classic engagement rings

There are plenty of engagement ring ideas out there. However, there are some women who enjoy the classic engagement rings. They want something traditional and simple, and there is definitely nothing wrong with that. Here are some perfect ideas for your classic style rings to suit your bride-to-be’s taste.

The Classic Diamond Engagement Rings

There are many styles of the classic diamond ring for your engagement. The basic idea is a band with a single diamond sitting at the top. However, this is not quite all there is to it. You need to determine the placement of that diamond. Would you like one that stands out, or does your wife-to-be want something that sits within the metal of the band? There are pros and cons to both of these.

Pick something that will stand out, but think about her day job. Does she use her hands and could the diamond get caught? If that is the case, the gem in the metal could work better. Here are some beautiful options for the classic style diamond engagement rings.

A Twist on the Classic Solitaire Engagement Rings

classic engagement rings

While she wants something classic and simple, it doesn’t mean that she wants to be the same as everybody else. Instead of choosing a classic diamond on its own, while not add other gems to it. The diamond will sit in the middle, standing out from the others, and the other gems will compliment it on the side.

There are different ways to add this gemstone twist. One of those is to have two of the same gems either side of the diamond. You could opt for her birthstone to make it more personal to her. Another option is to have a ring of other gems around, which could be stones of all the family—or just the two of you if you don’t have children yet. This style gives a flowery look to the classic engagement rings.

Square Cut Classic Style Engagement Rings

There are different cuts of diamonds available. This is something that you need to think about before you make a purchase. The classic style rings are round cut, but you could add a slight twist with a square cut diamond. These look elegant and often stand out away from the metal. They are often easier to add a wedding band to, since the shape of the diamond doesn’t affect the shape of the metal. But this will depend on the placement of the diamond jewel.

Here are some great options for square cut engagement rings, which are perfect for those who want classic designs.

Take some time to think about the classic engagement rings. While she may love the traditional styles, having a unique and personalized twist is often a great surprise. Consider adding a birthstone to the mix, or opting for a different cut that suits her preference when it comes to diamond jewelry. When you do come to buy your engagement rings, take a look at these glistening designs.

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