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couple promise rings

If you care for your sweetheart deeply and believe his/her feelings are returned, you may consider purchasing couple promise rings. This option is especially common among people who are too young to merry. Though, these jewelry pieces shouldn’t be confused with engagement or wedding rings. Couples promise rings can mean different things in different circumstances.

The important thing of receiving or giving promise rings is a clear understanding the meaning behind the gift. If your partner thinks that it means a promise of marriage, while you only think it’s a symbol of a friendship or current commitment, misunderstanding and hurt feelings could occur. Thus, before accepting or gifting the ring, make sure that you understand the exact meaning of the gift.

What are the couples promise rings?

The history of this kind of jewelry dates back to antiquity. Many centuries ago a betrothal was literally a contract between the parents of the groom and bride. Promise rings were used as a symbol of certain commitments

During the 16th century Gimmal rings were worn by men and women as a sign that they were already promised to another person or taken by someone. Surely, in modern times promise rings have obtained various new meanings.

In most cases these lovely accessories express the commitment between two people and happy relationship between them. Actually, couple promise rings symbolize that two loving hearts plan to continue the relationship for a long time. These jewels will definitely make a great first-date anniversary gift. Other loving couples may want to get the rings to celebrate their strong and long lasting relationship.

What couple promise rings would be perfect for you?

couple promise rings

Stunning rings in different shapes and designs are available in any jewelry store. You may consider various gold/silver/platinum pieces with/without gemstones and perchance the one you like the best. You can also learn more about world-known brands offering amazing jewelry, such as Jareds engagement rings or Peridot engagement rings and some others.

Promise rings for men have become more popular today, though they are still not as widespread as the female version. You may consider unique men’s rings with untraditional shapes and designs.

If you cannot afford an expensive jewelry piece, you can buy a gorgeous silver ring, for example, with breathtaking artificial diamonds. Despite the fact that synthetic diamond rings are much more affordable, they may look even better than ‘natural’ ones.

If you want the rings to be personalized, you may visit a professional jeweler and have them engraved. The engravings can be your names, pet names, small messages which are significant for your couple.

So, choose the best jewel for your sweetheart and make him/her feel happy!

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