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The reasons why men and women choose accessories are different. In most cases ladies want their clothing to be completed with certain jewelry. Thus, women always wear appropriate necklaces, earrings and bracelets according to their outfit. Unlike women, men use jewelry in order to show their power and social status, regardless of the kind of their clothing. Men’s signet rings is definitely the perfect way to emphasize the status and individuality.

Historically, signet rings (also known as seal rings) were used by religious leaders, wealthy citizens and politicians as an official signature. Decrees and documents were usually sealed with soft clay or wax to prevent tampering. The bearers of signets pressed their seals into the material to approve the document.

Today men’s signet rings are available in various designs, metals and shapes. Many popular designs may include elements of antique motifs, religious pictures, engraved initials, sun signs and many more. The most common shapes are oval, round, square and rectangle.

What men’s signet rings would be perfect for you?

Some men prefer signets that express their status and power, while other persons choose engravings and designs that are more subdued. Either way, when choosing a ring, you should consider some points.

  1. Solid gold signet rings with gemstones typically go with middle-aged and elderly men. They make the owner look solid and express his social status.
  2. Younger men usually avoid wearing too shiny rings. They mostly choose from less heavy gold or platinum options.
  3. Romantic and independent persons will probably look more appropriate with silver signets or men’s sapphire rings men’s sapphire rings.
  4. If you prefer wearing silver accessories (silver tie clip, watch case or wristlet, etc.), you’d better avoid yellow or red gold rings. White gold signets as well as white sapphire rings would be more appropriate for you.
  5. Keep in mind that white gold accessories suit pale people, while yellow or red gold jewelry will emphasize their paleness.
  6. If you still hesitate over the color, you may pay regard to double-color unique men’s rings.
  7. Try to choose a signet that reveals your individuality. For example, an elegant soft looking guy wearing rough enormous accessories would hardly be a good match.

You may want to visit a professional jeweler in order to engrave the emblem, initials or coat of arms onto your signet ring. Make sure you deal with a reliable jewelry salon!

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