The Art of Ring-Wearing: Tips, Trends, and Techniques

unique mens rings

If you are bored with traditional gold or silver rings, you may consider purchasing something unique and exclusive. Learn more about contemporary trends and express your personality with the help of stylish non-traditional men’s rings!

When buying a ring, most men focus on the timeless, trendy and simplicity. The following unique ideas will definitely help you choose the perfect ring that suits your requirements.

Cobalt chrome rings

Unlike gold and silver, cobalt chrome jewelry is not so popular today. However, more and more men prefer wearing cobalt chrome rings due to their durability and affordability. These rings have lustrous silvery white hue which resembles white gold or platinum. They are ideal for setting diamonds and other gemstones in. Apart from that, cobalt chrome is hypoallergenic.

Two tone rings

This unique option can be surprisingly versatile. Popular two tone combinations may include black/gold, silver/black and silver/gold; although, the possibilities are practically endless. If you have a bolder taste, you may consider various bright colors.

Men’s sapphire rings and diamond rings

Men’s sapphire rings and diamond wedding rings have become very popular today. Surely, they are radically different than women’s wedding rings. You may consider less expensive contemporary materials (e.g. cobalt chrome) and, for example, colored diamonds instead of the ordinary white diamonds.

Pragmatic style

If you want a durable and timeless ring, but you cannot afford to spend a fortune on it, you may consider ‘a pragmatic approach’. The modern market offers a wide variety of excellent rings and men’s signet rings under $100. You can choose an ideal ring made of tungsten, titanium, ceramic stainless steel or sterling silver.

Wood inlay rings.

If you prefer rustic yet sophisticated items, you would probably like wood inlay rings. Today wood inlays tend to be the hottest trend in jewelry for men. Titanium, tungsten or cobalt chrome wood inlay rings are especially stylish and affordable. Men’s wood inlay jewels have an adventurous and rugged look, yet they are still exotic and sophisticated.

Men’s Sweetheart Rings

If you want a ring that expresses your love, sweetheart rings are just what you need. Lots of women prefer buying this kind of rings for their grooms as an engagement gift. Men’s sweetheart jewelry may include white sapphire rings, diamond rings and many other options. Items with dedicatory inscriptions and words like “Endless Love”, “Forever”, etc. look especially breathtaking.


So, choose the best ring that suits your taste and express your personal style!

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