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mother daughter rings

There is nothing more marvelous than matching mother daughter rings. The whole point of these pieces of jewelry is that the 2 items match well together and reflect touching feelings between a mother and her girl. It would be a great present for the first Mother’s Day, little girl’s 1st birthday, or other holidays and personal milestones.

Mother daughter rings come in various designs, shapes and sizes. Your budget will decide whether you choose gold, silver or platinum items.

Kinds of mother daughter rings

Depending on your own personal preferences, you may want to purchase any of the following types of mother daughter jewelry.

Gold Mother Daughter Rings

Gold tends to be the most popular material in modern jewelry. If your budget allows, you may choose from a wide variety of gorgeous gold mother daughter rings. Many women prefer simple items with the inscription outside, showing how much a daughter or mother is loved.

Sterling Silver Rings

Despite the fact that sterling silver costs less than gold, lots of women find it more charming. Sterling silver works well in many interesting ways. The most preferred design of silver mother daughter rings is probably a simple band inscribed with some words like “always my daughter”, “always my mother”, “for my mother”, “for my daughter”, etc.

Personalized Mother Daughter Rings

mother daughter rings

Many people prefer purchasing birthstone rings for mothers and daughters. This is a great idea, especially if a daughter and mother have birthday in the same month. Personalized engraved rings are also very popular. Many jewelry pieces come already inscribed, so you can easily choose the best option for you.

Engraved Mother Daughter Rings

The wider the ring, the more can be inscribed on it outside, inside, or both. Engraved mother daughter rings can be made of any material you like. It is known that sterling silver rings show engravings better, so as the lettering will quickly turn black and be more visible.

Unique Mother Daughter Rings

You may want to visit a jewelry shop and order a unique handmade thing. A good idea is to use 2 gems from antique family birthstone rings, which maybe belonged to your grandmother, and have them incorporated into the design.

World-known jewelry brands, such as Tanishq, Warren James rings and many others offer a wide variety of designs. Whatever types of mother daughter jewelry you choose, they will always show special love and relationship between you. It would be definitely a great memorable gift that has a sentimental value.

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