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3 stone engagement rings

3 stone engagement ring3 stone engagement ringss offer something different. They can also help to personalize the experience for brides-to-be. There are different ways to utilize the three stone options. The trick is to finding the best one for your future wife. Remember that this is going to be a ring for life, so you need to make sure it works for her.

3 Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

One idea is to have a diamond that has a gemstone either side of the rock. The gems either side will usually be the same color, shape and size, while the diamond stands out by being bigger. However, you could choose different gemstones. This is great if you want to add your wife’s birthstone to the ring, or even have both of your gemstones there to make it personal for the two of you.

Another option is to have diamonds either side of a larger gemstone. This will depend on preference, as many women fantasize about the large diamond rock their future husband will give them. If your future wife loves her birthstone though, this could be a great option. Here are some great options using white sapphires for engagement rings.

Princess Cut 3 Stone Engagement Rings

3 stone engagement rings

Don’t forget about the cut of the rings when you are buying. Princess cut diamonds are an excellent choice, but can also be applied to gemstones. The different cut to the gemstones will help to add a unique style.

If your wife loves diamonds, you could have a center one as a princess cut, and then choose two smaller ones either side of it. This will take away the choice of gemstones, especially if you don’t know which one is hers!

The 3 stone princess cut engagement rings don’t need to be traditional diamonds. You could opt for chocolate diamond rings instead. Here are some great options if you want to get your girlfriend something unique and stylish.

Use the Children’s Birthstones in 3 Stone Engagement Rings

Nobody said that there had to be a diamond in the rings. If your girlfriend isn’t a fan of diamonds or doesn’t want tradition, you could opt for different colors. If you already have children, you could use their birthstones within the ring. Consider using your future wife’s birthstone as the centerpiece, depending on the number of children that you have.

If you do have three children before you marry, you could have one of each of them within the ring. This is a great way to make the marriage about everyone. However, this is between the two of you. Some couples with children want the marriage just to be about them; and there is nothing wrong with choosing to do that.

There are so many ideas when it comes to adding three stones to engagement rings. You will need to think about your personal circumstances and your future wife’s preferences when it comes to jewelry. However, above are some great ideas to get you started on your 3 stone engagement rings.

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