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birthstone rings for mom

A personalized mother birthstone ring would be an ideal and exquisite gift to give your mom for any holiday. The amazing custom ring will remind your mother of her greatest treasure, her children.

It is believed that birthstones carry mysterious and healing powers. For example, a garnet is associated with loyalty and constancy, an amethyst with peace and security, a sapphire is known as a symbol of calmness and wisdom, and so on.

Mother birthstone rings by month

birthstone rings for mom

Every month of the year is symbolized by particular precious gemstones which are symbolic of certain qualities and characteristics. The number of gems on mother’s birthstone rings may represent the number of children and their birthdays.

  1. January – garnet. This gem is associated with loyalty, faith, consistency, and virtue.

  2. February – amethyst, the symbol of sincerity. Amethyst birthstone rings for mothers are believed to bring good luck and keep evil at bay.

  3. March – aquamarine. This stone is known as a symbol of happiness, friendship, trust, sympathy and harmony.

  4. April – diamond. This luxury and precious birthstone is typically associated with commitment, true love and passion. You may consider buying high quality synthetic diamond rings which look amazing as well as ‘natural’ ones.

  5. May – emerald. This stunning green birthstone is believed to have magic qualities and powers of healing.

  6. June – pearls. These gorgeous gems are known as a symbol of love, wealth, happiness and prosperity.

  7. July – ruby, a sign of peace, harmony, prosperity and beauty. Rubies are also considered to have magic and healing powers.

  8. August – peridot. It is said that a wearer of this beautiful gem is enhancing the influence, success and power that he/she has. Peridot birthstone jewelry, as well as peridot engagement rings, symbolize true love and loyalty.

  9. September – sapphire. It is believed that white sapphire rings will bless you with qualities like wisdom and clear thinking.

  10. October – opal. This beautiful gemstone comes in various colors and shades. It is usually associated with hope and harmony.

  11. November – topaz, the symbol of long life, fidelity, beauty and joy. It is considered to be a healing gem that channels positive energy and power to the wearer.

  12. December – turquoise, which is supposed to protect people from negativity and evil. It is believed to bring good fortune and luck to anyone who wears this birthstone.

  13. So, choose the best option that suits your mother’s taste and visit a jewelry store or place an order online. Give your mom this breathtaking piece of jewelry and make her feel proud and happy! Be sure that she will think of her children every time she looks at the birthstone ring.

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