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brilliant earth rings

As you may know, diamonds often come from war zones. They can be mined in ways that harm the environment and sold to finance warlord’s activity or invading army. If you want to purchase an ethically sourced fine jewelry, you’d better choose Brilliant Earth.

The history of Brilliant Earth

This company was founded by Eric Grossberg and his beloved lady Beth Gerstein in San Francisco, California. One day Eric was going to give a diamond ring to his fiancee, but he didn’t find a jewelry firm that could guarantee an environment friendly and ethical diamond. Thus, Eric and Beth created Brilliant Earth Company to provide conflict-free production.

Brilliant Earth is an excellent example of how a jewelry firm can use green business practices and sell a great, green product, and remain successful.

They focus on providing high quality jewelry that takes the planet, people and profit into account while doing diamond business. The company believes in commitment, respect and awareness. They constantly improve socially and environmentally-sustainable practices in their business.

Ethical and eco-friendly jewelry

brilliant earth rings

The mission of Brilliant Earth is to cultivate more transparent, ethical and sustainable jewelry industry. They use ethical, eco-friendly gems and recycled metals in their fine jewelry. Brilliant Earth gets their gemstones from a Canadian mine that operates according to environmental laws.

Actually, Brilliant Earth provides all of the same pieces of jewelry that traditional retailers do. You will find a variety of engagement rings, beautiful earrings, wedding anniversary bands, pendants and necklaces, sapphire rings, family birthstone rings and other stunning jewelry. The only difference is that you can be sure that you are purchasing pure pieces of jewelry from ethical sources.

A wide variety of jewelry styles

Brilliant Earth offers various jewelry styles to match your tastes. There are endless options of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, watches, etc. There is a wide range of engagement and wedding rings including always popular white sapphire rings, halo and exclusively designed solitaire options.

Brilliant Earth rings come in various precious metals, including rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, platinum and palladium. If you prefer unique ring styles, you may purchase an amazing antique or vintage looking ring. You can also consider ordering custom rings for a special occasion.

Whether you are interesting in diamond encrusted eternity bands, brilliant sapphire items, or unique men’s rings, the perfect pieces would be waiting for you in the nearest Brilliant Earth jewelry store!

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